Easter Basket for the Hubs

Who say’s kids are the only ones that can have fun on Easter? I’ve been making my husband Easter baskets ever since we’ve been dating. I try to find a balance between Easter sweets and some healthier snacks.Image

This year included: Lindt Lindor Truffles – he loves white chocolate and hazelnut, and this year they have a new white chocolate vanilla, so I grabbed that and the hazelnut. Thank God I’m not really a fan of either! I also got Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Filled Chocolates, Planters Cashew/Almond/Macadamia Blend packs, Crystal Light water-enhancer thing (not sure what it’s really called), and 2 DVD’s. He’s always liked the movie Catch Me If You Can, and I’ve always wanted to see Australia (hellllllllo Hugh Jackman – yum!), and they were on sale for $4! Score! I put the truffles in the eggs and I plan to hide them around the house (somehow) without him knowing before Easter Sunday.


And last, but not least I created this cute little card. A last minute “keepsake” to add to all the other silly little things I’ve made him in the past. I traced the bunny from a card I found online and used some scrapbook paper and stickers I had lying around, and viola! Homemade Easter card!


Wish me luck with hiding the eggs. And Happy Easter everyone!


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