Wine Bottle Decor

I’ve been saving a couple of wine bottles and (what I think was) a vinegar bottle for a while now, with the intent of doing SOMETHING with them. I had seen several ideas on Pinterest and I finally decided to try, Letter Bottle with a Hot Glue Gun. It looked easy enough. I had the bottle, I had the glue gun with plenty of glue, and I had the wine bottles and spray paint.

Well, I discovered very quickly, that I don’t have the steadiest hands with a glue gun. Several squiggly letters and a few cobwebs of glue string later, I had an idea… Foam sticker letters! Ha! No steady hand needed and the colors were ones I wasn’t likely to use on a scrapbook project. Perfect! So I scraped off the sorry mess of glue I’d created and started over.
20130407-211021.jpgI chose the words I wanted and stuck them on the bottles with ease. Then I poked around the garage to try and figure out the best way to spray them. I came up with this lovely contraption.
I dusted off our beach umbrella screw-y thing (I’m pretty sure that’s the technical term for it), and dismembered the shaft of our Swiffer Sweeper – three sections, three bottles, perfect! And started spraying away.

I used Valspar indoor/outdoor white satin spray from Lowes. It took a few coats to cover the green bottle and colorful letter. (I would suggest you use a color close to your spray paint to make coverage a little easier.) Also, since the stickers were a foam material, they were wicking up the spray like a sponge. So, I laid the spray on pretty thick to create a barrier. Let it dry. Then gave it another coat that covered much easier and didn’t soak in.

And here’s the finished product. (I know, I probably should’ve grabbed the golf ball frame and hit that with the spray to match the whites… Another weekend.) I’m happy with the result. It added the perfect pop of white on my shelves and I had all the supplies. A DIY success. 🙂


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