Avocado Risotto with Beer Butter Shrimp

A little late posting this… But I had an interview on Monday. One with actual potential, which scares me. I’ve been at my current job for almost 6 years, and I’m always afraid of change. So, to help clear my mind I decided to try a new recipe. Something a little time consuming and complicated, that I could get absorbed in. I went through my favorites on Foodgawker.com and decided on Avocado Risotto with Beer Butter Shrimp.

I took my time and prepped and measured all the ingredients into my little prep bowls, and slowly my mind wandered from the interview. Here’s the finished product:
The risotto took a little while, between adding the broth and stirring. But, in the end I didn’t need all of the broth. The risotto was plenty creamy without the full 4 cups. I used Goose Island’s 312 wheat beer, and sipped the extra as I stirred. 🙂

It turned out delicious! Jon couldn’t take a bite without immediately following it with “Mmmmm”, which is always a good sign! This one is definitely a keeper.


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