Lemon and Herb Hummus

Now that I have tahini, I’ve been wanting to try another hummus recipe. I had some fresh herbs in the house, and I had bought a basil plant at the store, so I decided on Lemon and Herb Hummus.


We use fresh basil quite often, and a friend of mine, Gone Green Mama, just started an organic veggie garden, which made me want to grow something. And since my track record on keeping plants alive isn’t the greatest, I figured I’d better stick with an herb. Plus, I was making a margarita pizza for dinner.


Fresh basil, Ugly ripe tomatoes (pricey, but delicious), fresh mozzarella, with little pesto and tomato paste. Yum!!!

Anyway, on to the hummus! It calls for a roasted shallot (20 min in the oven), so I figured I’d get everything else done in that time and I’d have my hummus in no time. Man, was I WRONG! I’m not sure if I had trouble because my food processor is a piece of s**t or just too small… But I was ready to take a sludge hammer to this hummus! I tried doing the garbanzo beans in batches, wasn’t working. I tried adding the olive oil in and putting it in the blender… Ha! Not a chance. So back into food processor, with even MORE olive oil… Finally, after doing several small batches, dirtying several bowls and multiple kitchen utensils it looked like hummus. Even though it was still pretty thick, I decided that after an hour of working on the hummus, it was good enough! So I washed all 4,000 kitchen items.


Once I finished cleaning everything I took one last look at the recipe… And spotted,

” if you like it on the thinner side, pulse in a bit more water or lemon juice. It will firm up more in the fridge.

So being the perfectionist I am, I set up the food processor once more, got out another bowl and did 4 small batches adding a little lemon juice and water to each. Finally, FINALLY! I got the hummus to a consistency I wanted. Yay!


I explained my whole fiasco to Jon on his way home and told him we’re eating that hummus no matter what it tastes like. Luckily, it’s delicious. Whew! It makes a generous amount, so it would be good for a party. But I definitely recommend making this ONLY if you have a GOOD food processor. In which case, it should be a cinch. 😉


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