Monogram Canvas Art

I got off of work early last Wednesday and decided to do something fun. No house chores, no exercise, I wanted to do something creative. So I looked through my D.I.Y. board on Pinterest and decided to make a monogram canvas art project I had saved. First, I went to Joann’s (since they take more than one coupon), but I wasn’t crazy about their wood letter selection for this particular project. So, I bought a canvas and my fabric, and proceeded to Michaels. I still wasn’t finding what I had in mind, so on to Hobby Lobby. Three craft stores in one day! Good think I’m watching my spending right now, or else I would have done serious damage. I found the perfect “P” at Hobby Lobby.


Here are the supplies I used:
20130428-154156.jpg8 x 10 artist canvas, 1/3 yd of cotton fabric and a wooden letter “P”.

20130428-154208.jpgI also used a glue gun and some spray adhesive.

20130428-154233.jpgA staple gun, and 3/8″ staples (you can use 1/2 staples, but my canvas was thin, so I opted for the smaller staples).

20130428-154221.jpgI ironed out the fabric and laid it down with the canvas on top. I cut the fabric to leave 1 1/2-
– 2 inches of fabric beyond the canvas. I flipped the canvas right side up, sprayed a LIGHT coat of spray adhesive and placed it back on the fabric, to help everything stay in place while I stapled.

20130428-154323.jpgNext, I folded the raw edge under (like a hem) and then stapled the fabric on the back of canvas.

20130428-154330.jpg I did the two long sides first.

20130428-154338.jpgThen, I folded the top and bottom edges similar to wrapping a present and stapled them.

20130428-154349.jpgAll four sides done.

20130428-154405.jpgThis is what the front should look like. You’re basically upholstering the canvas.

20130428-154413.jpgNext, I painted the wood letter. I used the same paint that I have on the walls in that room. You could use any acrylic paint. I did two coats for even coverage.

20130428-154502.jpgOnce the paint dried, I used the glue gun to glue the letter to my canvas. And viola! This was a pretty easy and inexpensive project and it was just what I needed on my shelf. 🙂


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