Ben & Jerry’s Obsession

For anyone that wasn’t aware… I have a Ben and Jerry’s collection. Yes, I know… It’s not the most conventional collection, but there it is. I started collecting the containers (don’t worry I clean EJ out!) when I was a sophomore in high school. They came out with “Making Whoopie Pie” and I thought that was awesome, so I kept the container. Then they came out with “Karamel Sutra” and the collecting began. I have over 60 containers, I haven’t counted in a while so I don’t know how many at this point. I’m always on the lookout for new flavors, and the tricky thing is, some of the flavors aren’t announced by Ben and Jerry’s. Target, Walmart and supposedly Walgreens (although I haven’t found that one yet) have exclusive flavors that aren’t shown on Ben and Jerry’s website, so I have to check them from time to time to make sure I haven’t missed any. I’ve collected all the mini’s too! I’m also an official ChunkSpelunker, so I get their Chunkmail newsletter. It’s a delicious hobby/collection. And for the record, I have not eaten all that ice cream on my own, I’ve had friends, family, boyfriends, and now my loving hubby help me along the way.

Here’s the latest I found… OMG!!! It’s like summer in my mouth! I’m thinking this needs to be concocted into some type of frozen adult beverage, a little rum and I’d be in heaven! Notice the lid says it a limited batch. This is important for the collection, this means they will only carry it for a short time, then it will be retired to the Flavor Graveyard. I have several of these in the collection.


Here’s the infamous collection. I made shelves in my office to display them on, but I’ve already filled me shelves. 😦 So they’ve spilled on to the bookcases and a few of the less exciting flavors (chocolate, vanilla) are stored away.


These are my little ones 🙂 The perfect single serving – wish they made all the flavors in this size!20130602-172907.jpg
Here are my “Greek” ones… I know, I don’t have the new ones… I’m working on it.






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