Hello there readers, I’m Jackie, and as my page states, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I’ve been in the same career for 6+ years, and I feel like it’s time for a change, yet I can’t decide my next move.  I enjoy a variety of things, but I’m not sure which path to take.  So I’ve decided to share my likes and hobbies with all of you, in hopes of figuring out what my next move is.  I enjoy food… a lot!  I love to:  eat, cook and bake just about everything.  I also enjoy D.I.Y. projects, from home improvement to home decor and crafts.  When I’m not in the kitchen or creating something, I love to be outdoors.  My favorite form of exercise is bike riding, and I feel if I lived somewhere in the mountains, hiking would be a contender as well.  I love to travel and explore somewhere new, anything to break the routine of everyday life once in a while.  So that’s my story, hopefully you’ll discover some useful information in this blog, and maybe help guide me along the way. 🙂


One thought on “About

  1. Jackie!! I can’t believe I’m just now looking at your blog. So sorry I didn’t do it before, it’s amazing just like you are! I really hope you get a good use of all these talents God gave you. I miss you!

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